Location: Finale Ligure (SV)

Anno: 2011-2018

Partner: Studio LAND

ca. mq 135 000

ca. mc 195 000

In the second half of 2010 we had the opportunity to study the transformation of important industrial sites, like the historical area of Piaggio Aero Industries Spa in Finale Ligure.

The complexity of the project was developed in three different materplan hypothesis. The first in free form composed of graded elements descending towards the sea and hanging gardens. The second was focused on the creation of urban spaces that, although they used typical contemporary elements, they reproduce rhythms of the old city, the relationship between open and edify areas. The third privileges memory, conserving wide portions of the useless industrial plant and setting the new buildings on a net that reproduce the previous productive site. Colors and materials also remind us to the present ones used in the historical restoration. The collaboration with LAND Studio of Andreas Kipar has made valuable the relationship between green spaces – water streams and architecture.